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Why collaborate with the Celta Foundation?

Want to collaborate with the Foundation?

Being a Collaborating Member of the Celta Foundation is very simple. You can access the form from the following link and fill out the questionnaire. We will contact you to process the registration or expand any information you need about the Foundation and its activities.

I want to collaborate with the Foundation

Why collaborate with the Celta Foundation?

A Canteira

Because of A Canteira (RC Celta’s Youth Academy), the main objective of the Foundation and the future of the Club; the Foundation seeks to promote the growth and development of both the sporting and human side of our young academy players.

The importance of sport

Because we promote sport, we convey its importance, we investigate methods for improving and making sports results more effective and we use our resources in the personal development of young people in order to help them achieve their sports goals.

Thinking of others

Because of our service to hospitals, to children, to all those areas which lack protection and are in need, with which we collaborate, trying to give back everything that society gives us.

The values

Because we promote the values of sport through talks in educational centers and football clubs, because we convey to society the importance of the benefits of physical activity and because we encourage its influence on fundamental skills for proper personal development.

The history of the club

Because of our contribution to the study of the history of RC Celta through the creation and conservation of the Museum and its promotion through countless guided tours.

Fiscal benefits

Because of the important tax benefits that allow to obtain deductions in income tax and tax on profits from 35% to 80% of the collaboration´s total.

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