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Controversial ejection stops Celta’s improvement at Sevilla (2-1)

RC Celta

A controversial ejection ended with Celta in Sevilla. The sky-blues had a good first half without a prize, as Sevilla FC got ahead in the final stretch after a counter and the Vigo team didn’t score on several clear occasions. The early and unjust ejection of Araujo in the second half destroyed the match, although Celta threw pride and caste and tried until the end. Boufal scored a goal in the final stretch.

Celta got off to a good start in Sevilla, with a forward pressure and a lot of possession in search of spaces above. At the 13 minute mark, good drop from Maxi to Sisto and strike by the sky-blue in an excellent position that was wonderfully cleared of the local goalie Shortly afterwards, Cabral hit the crossbar after a free-kick.

With the match equal and tightly played, at the 39 minute mark Sarabia headed to the net a cross from the right after a counter-attack. There were hardly any occasions, but Sevilla FC optimized there scoring chances. The Vigo team pushed until the break, but failed to overcome the local defensive system.

After the restart, with Dennis in for Sisto, Celta rolled over in attack and Sevilla tried to stop the game, to wait and counterattack. The clash was shaken by decision of the local team, but the referee, ejected Araujo with double yellow in two minutes. Very serious mistake by the referee by not indicating the previous foul on the Mexican and suddenly changing his criteria on a very soft move.

To finish rounding off the misfortune, the VAR gave a goal to Ben Yedder that seemed offside. The match had already ended a few minutes earlier. Celta tried until the end and with five minutes left Boufal scored a tremendous goal.


2-Sevilla CF: Vaclik; Carriço, Kjaer, Sergi Gómez; Navas, Sarabia, Banega (Mesa, min.90), Mudo Vázquez, Arana; Ben Yedder (Promes, min.79), André Silva.

1-RC Celtic: Sergio, Hugo Mallo, Roncaglia, Cabral, Araujo, Juncà (Junior, min.83), Beltrán, Lobotka, Iago Aspas (Boufal, min.70), Maxi Gómez, Sisto (Dennis, min.46).

Goals: 1-0, min.39: Sarabia; 2-0, min-62: Ben Yedder; 2-1, min.85: Boufal.

Referee: González Fuertes, from the Asturian committee. Araujo was ejected by double yellow (min.59) and Banega, Carriço, Arana, Roncaglia booked with yellow cards.

Stadium: Sánchez Pizjuán, 38,060 spectators.

RC Celta


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